Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Diet Cokeheads

Diet Cokeheads are a fuzzed out, 3 piece noise rock band with male/female vocals, from Gainesville, Florida.

They currently have a 7" and live tape available from Drugged Conscience and a 7" on Ventriculoperitoneal Sound, but I'm still waiting on those all to arrive.

Since I don't currently have hard copies of either of their 7"s, and want you all to support Drugged Conscience/VPS, I'm just reposting the songs they have up on their blog in an effort to get more people listening to them. I haven't stopped listening to these tracks since I stumbled across them a few months back, and see no end in sight. 6 songs, 4 from their demo, 2 from their current 7"s. Check this shit out.

Diet Cokeheads

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