Saturday, November 21, 2009

Billy Bao

I'm not going to bother describing Billy Bao besides noisy, heavy and loud. Dialectics of Shit (released February 08) is probably my favorite of their releases thus far. May 08 (released June 09) is even noisier with a lot less distinguishable guitar parts. And if you're looking for even more, grab the Drunkdriver/Mattin collaboration, List of Profound Insecurities (released August 2009) .

Badmaster still has some copies of Dialectics of Shit and List of Profound Insecurities, so grab them really fucking quick before they're gone. Not sure where you'd be able to find a copy of May 08.

Mattin has downloads of all his released material (including Billy Bao) on his site, some in formats that are higher quality than mp3, if that intrigues you. Otherwise, here are rips of all 3 mentioned releases in mp3 version.

Billy Bao - Dialectics of Shit
Billy Bao - May 08
Drunkdriver/Mattin - List of Profound Insecurities

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  1. THanks! I've been looking for Billy Bao stuff for awhile and none of the distros recently have had any...this is much appreciated.